South African Bodyguard Association
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Membership Options


1.     Associate Membership Package

2.     Second Associate Membership

3.     Junior Associate Membership


Associate Membership Benefits and Qualifying Criteria(A.M) / R2050.00 registration fee / R250.00p.m

Qualifying Criteria

·        Trained by South African Bodyguard Association or refresher course by SABA

·        Comprehensive CV

·        30 years of age and older or application to be tested by a SABA assessor if younger

·        Legal drivers’ licence / International drivers permit

·        South African citizen  

Membership Benefits

·        Receive work contracts from the Association

·        Issued with work ID, Button insignia, Metal Association badge

·        Access to Association weekly meetings and AGM at head quarters

·        Issued with personalised SABA email address

·        Use of all communication facilities ear pieces ext.

·        Comprehensive monthly newsletter


Second Associate Membership Benefits and Qualifying Criteria(S.A.M) / R950.00 registration fee / R160.00p.m

Qualifying Criteria

·        Trained by other training centres than SABA / refresher course by SABA compulsory

·        Comprehensive CV

·        30 years of age or application to be tested by a SABA assessor if younger

·        Legal drivers Licence / International drivers permit

·        Foreign CPO’s may apply for S.A.M membership

Membership Benefits

·        Receive work contracts in conjunction with SABA trained CPO’s until such time it deems necessary to be re-evaluated for Association Membership

·        Issued with work ID, Button insignia

·        Access to Association meetings once a month

·        Comprehensive monthly newsletter


Junior Associate Membership(J.A.M) / R130.00p.m

·        NON PSIRA and PSIRA registered members anticipating a career in Close Protection

·        Comprehensive monthly newsletter

·        May attend information seminars

Please note: Membership and Qualifying criteria may be taken under review by the Director General if and when a member considers him/her self to be considered for Association membership