About Us

The main reason why CPO’s(Bodyguards) can not make a decent fiscal living in the industry is because of all the contract and training problems that tainted this amazing industry.

Individuals are not properly trained and do not have a controlling body whom they can rely on to facilitate contracts in order for them to have sustainable monthly income. “Training Centers”charge enormous training fees but no after training support in the form of actual work to sustain the new CPO’s.This is where South African Bodyguard Association Regulating Authority facilitate support and contracts to qualified SASSETA close protection operatives in order for them to create an actual viable career.

Remember a PSIRA certificate does NOT qualify you to be a CPO,PSIRA is only the first stepping stone to become an actual CPO or as some call it a “bodyguard”. In order for you to be recognised by SABA as a CPO the individual requires at least the following SASSETA accredited unit standards:

·        US 244 317

·        US 244 319

·        US 244 327

·        US 244 334

Above mentioned unit standards replaced the old holistic training program US 110510(SAQA)